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New News is a literary and performance series for new work or older work in a new context.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Photos of New News #1

Bios and video clips of presentations to follow shortly.  Photos taken by D. Glausser.

Autumn introduces New News. 

Martin Rock reads a selection of his poetry live.  (Brooklyn ---> Tampa)

Ben Mirov reads a selection of his poetry live.  (Brooklyn ---> Tampa)

Ant Parade combines poetry with electronica/dance music.

Shane Hinton shows videos of Google Wave based collaborative work with Mez Breeze (Australian based reality engineer/net artist/code poet) as well as Mez's layered images and text.  

Skeleton Warrior creates sonic experiments that expand and contract both time and space.

Christen Petitt reads selections from her play "Chapel Perilous."

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